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2018 Stockholm Criminology Symposium

The main theme for the Stockholm Criminology Symposium 2018 was Models for successful policing. Here are the filmed sessions and some of the Power Point presentations that were used during the Symposium.

Symposium program

Program and abstracts (pdf) Pdf, 698.9 kB.

Presentations (pdf)

Ronald V. Clarke - Transformation of the Oakland Airport Motel
Pdf, 413.8 kB.
Britta Kyvsgaard - Preventing domestic burglary: Does signalizing invisible property marking make a difference?
Pdf, 359.5 kB.
Annmarie Cordner - An empirical examination of gender differences in vocational interest in careers in policing
Pdf, 1.9 MB.
Zia Rahman - Fighting against the odd: Success stories of Bangladesh police
Pdf, 895.8 kB.
Berhard Frevel - Predicting Problems? Big data, algorithms and underlying issues
Pdf, 370 kB.
Felix Bode - Project „SKALA“ Predictive policing in North Rhine-Westfalia Pdf, 1.2 MB.
Teresa Silva - A problem-oriented approach to a drug market in Sundsvall Pdf, 1.9 MB.
Adam Jackson - Policing Darkweb marketplaces; covert policing, surveillance and investigatory powers Pdf, 900.5 kB.
Chrisje Brants - Policing the dark web: Intelligence v. evidence Pdf, 306.5 kB.
Aki-hiro Nasu - Analyses of risk factors and protective factors towards preventing recidivism of Japanese juvenile offenders with medical needs Pdf, 3.4 MB.
Cornelis Uittenbogaard - Physical interventions for increased feelings of safety in public transport Pdf, 5.8 MB.
William P. Bloss and Toby M. Board - Transitional policing strategies in a Neo-European context: Examining challenges and effective practices Pdf, 903 kB.
Margo Van Felius - Improving the uptake of multi-agency and third-party policing partnerships; What are the organisational facilitators and barriers? A case study of the Vulnerable Persons Unit (South Brisbane, Queensland) Pdf, 1015.1 kB.
Tim J Wilson - The possible Brexit paradox: more extensive and sincere criminal justice cooperation? Pdf, 785.1 kB.
Gary Cordner - Farm Labor Transportation Pdf, 996.7 kB.
Mike Barton and Sylvia Chenery - ‘If you do what you’ve always done….you’ll get what you always got’ Pdf, 4.6 MB.
Jason Roach and Ken Pease - How to morph experience into evidence? Pdf, 604.5 kB.
Tammy C. Landau - Limits to reforming police governance in Canada Pdf, 403.2 kB.
Paul Ekblom - Future crime problems & solutions – How to anticipate them Pdf, 918.3 kB.
Peter Neyroud - Crime harm and problem oriented policing Pdf, 3.1 MB.
Armin Kaltenegger - Residential burglary in Austria Pdf, 700.3 kB.
May-Britt Rinaldo Ronnebro - The Swedish Crime Harm Index (SCHI) Pdf, 1.4 MB.
Ragnhild Bjørnebekk - Children exposed to criminal physical and sexual abuse. Evaluation of a restoring pilot-program
Pdf, 1.5 MB.
Ylva Edling and Charlotte Qvandt - Providing children with cognitive and communicative disabilities opportunities to participate in the forensic interview Pdf, 1013 kB.
Malcolm K. Sparrow - Problem-solving: Matching the art and the science
Pdf, 1.5 MB.
Yakov Gilinskiy - Crime of youth in the postmodern society: why, and what to do?
Pdf, 1 MB.
Yuko Utsumi - Countermeasures against organized crime groups (Boryokudan) in Japan
Pdf, 1.8 MB.
Liesbeth De Donder - Preventing and tackling elder abuse and mistreatment in Europe
Pdf, 1.8 MB.
Erika R. Nykjaer and Cecilia Zarins - Behind the smoke screen. The organised crime behind the illicit tabacco trade in Malmö, Sweden Pdf, 2.8 MB.
Robin Camenius - The gender gap in conviction statistics in Sweden, 1840-2010
Pdf, 876.5 kB.
EUCPN - European Crime Prevention Network Pdf, 968 kB.