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2017 Stockholm Criminology Symposium

The main theme for the Stockholm Criminology Symposium 2017 was Timely address of the causes of violence. Here are the filmed sessions and some of the Power Point presentations that were used during the Symposium.

Symposium program

Program and abstracts (pdf)

Presentations (pdf)

Frank Vitaro, François Poulin and France Capuano - A spin-off of the MLES and an effectiveness trial
Helen Hodges - The practical application of Bayesian approaches to advance understanding of the risk and protective factors associated with youth offending in England and Wales
Sandra Walklate, Kate Fitz-Gibbon and Jude McCulloch - Is more law the answer? Seeking justice for victims of intimate partner violence through the reform of legal categories
Shannon Buglar - The Punitive Woman?: Gender Differences in Public Attitudes Toward Parole
Leena Augimeri, Margaret Walsh, Erin Rajca, Adam Donato and Andrea Blackman - Interrupting the trajectory for Girls At‐ Risk for Delinquency:SNAP® (Stop Now And Plan), a gender‐specific evidence‐based model for latency‐aged girls
Nora Markwalder and Martin Killias - The impact of hearings on prosecutorial decision-making
Peter Neyroud - Operation Turning Point: lessons for leadership, implementation and translation into operational practice in policing
Domingos Barreto de Araújo, Antônio Marcos Chaves and Raimundo Cândido de Gouveia - Adolescents, Speech, Media, Social Representation And Violence In Brazil
Bernhard Frevel - Joint Centres - Collabora5on in the dissected system of internal security in Germany
Colin Rogers - Co-Production of Policing- Implications for Pubic Security and Criminal Justice in England and Wales
Stefan Holgersson - The reorganisation of the Swedish Police with a focus on the police command centres
Ragnhild Bjørnebekk - Attachment in the lives of troubled kids An effective concept to explain violence?
Oskar Fröidh and Vania Ceccato - Determinants of passengers’ perceived security at railway stations
Moran Benisty, Natti Ronel, and Moshe Bensimon - An Offspring’s Incarceration as a Family Crisis
Burak M. Gonultas - Skills and Abilities Expected from Professionals Conducting Serious Crimes Investigations: A Descriptive Study from Turkey
Francis Vergunst, Sylvana Côté, Ali Teymoori, Daniel Nagin, and Richard Tremblay - Does childhood hyperactivity-impulsivity-inattention predict overt and covert aggression in adolescence?
Hannah Sattler - Contemporary Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes: A Comparative Study
David P. Farrington and Maria M. Ttofi - Intergenerational Transmission of Convictions for Different Types of Offences
Jessica M. Craig, Alex R. Piquero, David P. Farrington, and Maria M. Ttofi - Adverse Childhood Experiences Prevalence, Impact, and Protective Factors among the Cambridge Study
Martin Killias and Anastasiia Monnet Lukash - Religion, migration and juvenile delinquency
David P. Farrington and Maria M. Ttofi - Intergenerational Transmission of Self-reported Offending
Charles “Chip” Huth - Policing in Troubled Areas Made Easier
Isabelle Brantl, and Yvette Völschow - Forced and early marriages as a consequence and cause of domestic violence in childhood and adolescence
Elina Bratt and Sofia Persson - Creating useful analyses for local crime
Ole Villund - Violence in Europe – what can we learn from official crime statistics