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2016 Stockholm Criminology Symposium

The main theme for the Stockholm Criminology Symposium 2016 was Parents, peers and prevention. Here are the filmed sessions and the Power Point presentations that were used during the Symposium.

Symposium program

Program and abstracts (pdf) Pdf, 432.4 kB.

Presentations (pdf)

Barbara J. Costello - Peers and Crime: A Control Theory Perspective Pdf, 245 kB.
Chester Britt - Implications of Control Theory for Crime Policy and Pdf, 978 kB.
Prevention Pdf, 978 kB.
Matt DeLisi - On the compatibility of control theory to biosocial criminology Pdf, 197.7 kB.
Martin Killias and Simone Walser - Unsolved homicide cases in Pdf, 148.9 kB.Switzerland. An update Pdf, 148.9 kB.
Bernhard Frevel - The lack of citizens’ involvement in segregated and deprived neighbourhoods – consequences for policing and security Pdf, 464.4 kB.
Lieven J.R. Pauwels - Analysing the Perception-Choice Process in Situational Action Theory: A Randomized Scenario Study Pdf, 873.1 kB.
Anabel Taefi, Thomas Goergen, Benjamin Kraus, Jens Struck - Multiple homicides committed by young offenders: The phenomena beyond school shootings and terrorist attacks Pdf, 697.8 kB.
Tom “Tad” Hughes and John Reed - Blue Betrayal: Social Undermining in Police Organizations Pdf, 790.9 kB.
JC Oleson - High-IQ Crime: Another Look at Social Bonds Pdf, 1.6 MB.
Anita Rönneling - Action plans in correctional practice – in search for action and plan The case of Denmark Pdf, 856.7 kB.
Yaakov Reuven and Limor Yehuda - The gap between mother & child perceptions of their relationships and it’s influence on Juvenile delinquency among neglecting families Pdf, 751.4 kB.
Shinji Nakamura - Measures against Drug Abuse in Japan Pdf, 530.6 kB.
Thimna Klatt - Predictors of Drug Use in Young Offender Institutions Pdf, 428.1 kB.
Ruth Van Dyke, Jennifer Lynch and Katerina Hadjimatheou - Human trafficking and UK responses Pdf, 499.1 kB.
Britt af Klinteberg, Ulla Beijer, Christina Scheffel Birath, and Valerie DeMarinis - Women with substance abuse problems and experiences of male violence: Some crime and health aspects Pdf, 2.7 MB.