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Prize ceremony and dinner

Dinner in the City Hall.

Photo: Brå

The Stockholm Prize in Criminology will be awarded to the prize winner in a ceremony at the City Hall in Stockholm on the evening on June 11.

Please note that you need to buy a separate ticket for the prize award ceremony and the gala dinner when you register for the event.

The prize ceremony is followed by a gala dinner. The City Hall is a Stockholm landmark dating back to the 1920s. The dinner is held in the Golden Hall, which is covered with millions of pieces of glass and gold mosaic, a perfect backdrop for the memorable event.

If you will only attend the Prize ceremony and dinner, you will need to present ID upon arrival at Stockholm City Hall in order to receive your entrance ticket.

If you will attend both the Symposium and the Prize ceremony and dinner, you will receive your dinner ticket when you register for the symposium at the conference venue. Make sure to bring your ticket with you to Stockholm City Hall, since it is your entrance ticket.