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Information for Speakers and Chairs

Speaker podium at the symposium.

Photo: Brå

To be able to present at the Symposium you need to be registered as a speaker, having paid the registration fee. If you have not registered your presentation will be removed from the program. In case your abstract is not accepted, we will contact you regarding a refund of the registrations fee. For more information contact the Symposium Office via symposium@bra.se

Guidelines for Speakers

The session is 90 minutes long. Depending on the number of speakers, you will have approximately 20-25 minutes for you presentation. Allow 10 minutes for questions at the end of the session. We recommend speakers to use power point for clarity. Bring your presentation on a USB stick. The session rooms are equipped with computers and LCD projectors. Please keep your presentations within the given time.

Guidelines for Session Chairs

Sessions are 90 minutes long and should include sufficient time for questions at the end. Please arrive in the room a few minutes before the session starts and make sure that all speakers are informed of how much time they have at their disposal. Please also make sure that the session starts on time and that the presentations are kept within the given time frame. There will be signs prepared and available in the room that can be used to silently signal to presenters when they are nearing the time limit, sheets of papers for five, three, and one minutes remaining. Introduce each speaker with a few words about the author and/or the topic. At the end of the session, invite questions and discussions from the audience. Please finish on time.