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2015 Stockholm Criminology Symposium

The main theme for the Stockholm Criminology Symposium 2015 was Opportunities for crime and situational crime prevention. Here are the filmed sessions and the Power Point presentations that were used during the Symposium.

Symposium program

Program and abstracts (pdf)

Presentations (pdf)

Skirmantas Bikelis - Modern Strategies For Tackling Proceeds From Organized Crime And Corruption – Lithuanian Experience
Graham Farrell - Illicit heroin use and post-war crime trends in England and Wales
Sandra Walklate - From Crime to Culture: Is there a case for a cultural victimology?
Ragnhild Bjørnebekk - Violent Youngsters Linking Experiences of Attachment and Violence
Šárka Blatníková, Petra Faridová and Petr Zeman - Aggressors, deviants or just delinquents? Violent sex offenders in the Czech Republic
Véronique Ketlaer - Preventing violent radicalisation through local integrated strategy: Experiences of european cities
Jaap de Waard - Explaining the crime drop in The Netherlands: The importance of comparisons with other industrialised countries
Lieven J.R. Pauwels - Moral support for violent extremism, low self-control and political violence. Testing Core Assumptions of Situational Action Theory
Marie Torstensson Levander, Robert Svensson, Anna-Karin Ivert, Frida Andersson and Lieven J.R. Pauwels - An examination of the interaction between morality and self-control in offending: A study of young people in Malmö
Pasquale Peluso - Phenomena of self-apartheid in the outskirts of Naples
Amira Paripurna - Intelligence and the Changing Logic of Police in Crime Prevention: The Case of Indonesian Police in Preventing Terrorism
Tim Wilson - The Uncertain Consequences of EU Criminal Justice Cooperation: Treating Citizens as Criminals or Criminals as Citizens?
Marcus Wågenberg and Maria Danielsson - Development of the RNR-Assessment (RNR-A):A new comprehensive risk, needs and responsivity assessment of all clients in the Swedish Prison and Probation Service
Cynthia Lum and Daniel S. Nagin - Reinventing American Policing: A Seven-Point Blueprint or the 21st Century
Bo Grönlund - Crime Prevention Trough Urban Design and Planning in Denmark, Questions of the progress circle
Kate Painter - Relighting the royal duchy of cornwall: Lessons for situational crime prevention
Johannes Kaspar and Stephan Christoph - “King’s Evidence – a controversial instrument in contemporary European criminal policy”
Alistair Harkness - Crime behind the farm gate: Preventing and policing farm crime in rural Victoria
Fredrik Fors - Learnings from a total study of cash-in-transit robberies and opportunity structures
Rebecca Deruiter, Michaël Meysman, Vincent Eechaudt - Cooperation on detention in the European Union: between the devil and the deep blue sea?
Vincent Eechaudt - Improving the use of EU- inst ruments on detention, in spite of different EU prison conditions
Nick Morgan - The heroin epidemic and its role in the crime drop in England and Wales (and elsewhere)
Wim Bernasco, Mathilde Huet, Antony Leplingard, Sabine De Moor, Stijn Van Daele, Tom Vander Beken, Patrick Jeuniaux, Bertrand Renard and Vanessa Vanvooren - Exploiting Forensic DNA data to draw pictures of ‘organized’ or transnational crime(s)